Top 5 Dash Cam Pro Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

When you own a car, it's best to make sure that it's well maintained for a safe and smooth drive. This will call for making the right investments on accessories that will either beautify or improve your car's performance. There are many types of products and devices that will help ease your drive, with a dash cam pro being one of them.

But before getting a dash cam pro, you need to look for one suitable for you and your car's needs! You can find a lot of brands and models to choose from, making it difficult to choose the best. To help you out, I give you a purchasing guide and the top five dash cam pro reviews.


What is a Dash Cam Pro?

Dash cams are similar to surveillance cameras you'll usually find in homes and establishments, but made for a vehicle. These cameras are installed on the bumper (or in other areas, depending on preference) then connected to an LCD that is located on the dashboard of the vehicle. It records in high definition and assures you safety, especially those that come with night vision and high-definition quality.

These are slowly becoming a popular device you'll find on almost any vehicle around the world, as it can be a quick resolution of claims when coming into accidents, and for safety reasons as well.

They document everything around you as you drive, may it be in front or behind your vehicle. It's a very useful tool that can be bought online or in local auto stores around you.

Benefits of Having a Dash Cam Pro

Owning a dash cam pro won't exactly prevent accidents permanently, but the footage recorded will help in many situations. Here are some reasons why dash cam pros are very beneficial for your vehicle:

Dash Camera
Records Accidents

It will help record other accidents that you have just witnessed or gone through yourself. That way, you have a better time explaining what happened with proof.

Not only can this save you time arguing your way through your claim, but it can also help other people if you have recorded their accidents.

Fights Insurance Fraud

If your accident seems like it was done on purpose (for insurance purposes), then you'll easily fight against it with your footage as proof. Insurance fraud is no joke, and thousands of people either fall victim or are behind the act.

Through finding the culprits who cheat the system, you not only help insurance, but you also get out of long trials in court.

Better Driving

Just like how athletes or artists view their work to see what they can improve on, watching your driving footage will help you find out what you need to improve on as a driver. You get to watch how you park or survive in traffic, and you'll be able to find ways on how you can raise your driving skills.

Increase Vehicle Protection

Dash cam pros can be left recording and unattended. Just like a surveillance camera, you'll be able to keep an eye on your car to see if anyone steals or vandalizes it. You can even make sure your kid is a good driver or doesn't sneak out with your car.

How to Purchase a Dash Cam Pro

Wondering how to choose the best dash cam pro? Besides reading up on the best dash cam pro reviews, here are some things to consider. when choosing what dash cam pro to invest in:

Example from dash cam

Example from dashcam

Video Quality

This is extremely important, since you can't make a claim or watch videos properly without the proper quality! Focus on dash cam pros that offer a clearer and more vivid picture. We recommend 1080p cameras that are able to capture 30 FPS or more. A 720p camera takes average quality videos and works well, too.

GPS and Motion Sensors

Many dash cam pros come with GPS and motion sensors, perfect to record speed and location accuracy. These features will also help track where your car is and if it gets hit or vandalized. These are recommended for parents or those who keep track of their car and who drives it.

Night Vision

These are great for those who usually drive at night, for a better recording of their dark drives.

Internal Battery

If you want to record your car's location and current state while it's switched off, then you might want to consider an internal battery for it to record itself without using your car battery power.


Should you use a mount or a suction cup for your camera? Consider where you'll be adding it and make sure you get the proper mount (if it doesn't come with one). Velcro is a good choice, if ever.

Top 5 Dash Cam Pro Reviews

Based on our research, testing, and overall customer reviews, here are our top five best dash cam pro reviews:

1. REXING S300 1080P Dash Cam Pro



The REXING dash cam pro is one of the most advanced I've seen so far at such as affordable price! It has a 2.7-inch screen and a slim design fit for any vehicle. With night vision and 1080p video quality, you have a dash cam fit for just about any situation.

What I love isn't only the video quality when using the dash cam, but also how it's ready to use the moment you open it. With night vision, GPS technology, and high definition videos, I can say it's one of the best investments for your vehicle.


  • Comes with a memory card
  • Has a slim and lightweight design
  • Wide range lens
  • 1080p quality video
  • Easy to set up


  • Mounting bracket breaks easily

2. ITrue X3 Dash Cam

ITrue X3 Dash Cam


The ITRUE dash cam comes with a 2.7-inch LCD and the 1080p video quality you need for high quality videos. The camera itself can record at wide angles and during the night.

I love the overall design, looking classy with a stitched leather-style camera as compared to the plain plastic ones you see. Also, it works automatically without you needing to tweak any settings!'

Through its wide dynamic range technology and endless looping mode, I can say it's a good investment for those who want both design and quality.


  • Automatic start/stop recording
  • Endless looping mode
  • Accident auto detection feature
  • 1080p video quality
  • Night vision


  • Stops filming at the wrong times

3. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

Rexing V1 2.4 LCD


This is another successful (and more affordable) choice for those who choose REXING as their official dash cam pro brand. It has the 1080p resolution at 30FPS, known for its excellent video quality.

I appreciate that it can be mounted on a windshield to look discreet, recording everything without people knowing it's there. It can record in low-light or dark situations, great for both day and night driving.

Its 170-degree wide angle can capture everything around you in high quality, making it a nice choice for those who want REXING without breaking the savings!


  • Wide Dynamic Range technology
  • Discreet design
  • Has SD card and adhesive mount included
  • With extra USB charging port
  • Clear and crisp videos


  • Short battery life

4. GJT GT900 Vehicle Camera Dash Cam

GJT GT900 Vehicle Camera


These are one of the more affordable options out there without compromising quality. The GJT900's 3.0 inch display still records vies at 1080p but with a 120-degree lens this time. But, it is still able to produce good videos during the night with its infrared lights. It also has parking and gravity sensors for an easy drive.

With a complete package and easy to install and use body, I can say that it's a great investment for those saving up but still want a quality dash cam for their cars.


  • 3-axis G-SENSOR
  • Has 4x digital zoom
  • 4 LED lights for night vision
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to setup


  • SD card won't save everything

5. Ausdom AD282 Dash Cam

Ausdom AD282 Dash Cam


The Ausdom camera is also an averagely-priced dash cam with good features. It has a full HD 1296p video recording and a wide viewing angle. You can play back videos from its 2.4-inch LCD display instantly. I love its auto-accident capture and detection feature, as it keeps my car safer and easier to record any accidents.

It can store up to 64GB of video and even comes with a warranty, so you are assured a durable body to last for years to come.


  • Very good quality camera with variety of choices
  • Strong build quality
  • Works well in all light conditions
  • Affordable price
  • Strong mount adhesive


  • Short battery life

In Conclusion

With the best dash cam pro, you'll be able to view what's happening behind your car as you drive, ensuing safety and an easier drive. It's not only something for show, but a device that can help protect you and your car as well.

Of the five chosen dash cam pro reviews, I believe that the REXING S300 dash cam pro is the true winner. With HD video and a super wide camera, you will be able to see almost EVERYTHING, whether it's day or night! It's definitely worth the price you pay for, from how easy it is to use down to its advanced features.

Hopefully, this purchasing guide and top five best dash cam pro reviews will help you decide on what to choose. So what are you waiting for? Make the right investment today and choose among the best dash cam pro reviews.

I hope you found the article informative. If you have any other reviews or comments on these dash cam pro reviews, then do comment down below. I'd love to hear what you think.

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