Best 5 Mastercraft Tires Reviews: The Ultimate Guide You Need to Read

Just like having a pet, you will need to make sure that your car is in good condition. This calls for maintenance, one of the most important being changing your tires. A nice brand to invest in would be Mastercraft tires. To help you on what type of tires to choose, we show you the best Mastercraft tires reviews and tips on purchasing a set!

What's great about owning a car is that you have your own set of wheels to take you anywhere you want without the hassle of commute! But it isn't all fun and games. You will need to maintain it well, especially the tires, which keep you rolling around town!


Why Choose Mastercraft Tires?

There are many types of tire brands you can invest in, but why Mastercraft? What makes their tires the best in the first place? Here are some of the benefits the best Mastercraft tires will be able to give you:

Better Performance and Safety

Mastercraft offers the best quality tires that meet American Quality Standards. They are tested and rated through the Uniform Quality Tire Grading, ensuring that you have the quality tires without the need to worry.

Wide Variety

Mastercraft tires offer various tire types for just about any car. They still offer tires made for Classic, Muscle, and Modified cars. You can find White Wall or Fatboy tires!

Wide Tread

Unlike any other type of tires, Mastercraft has stronger and wider steel belts, producing deeper treads and being able to improve how the tire handles tough terrain and weather. It has a more durable lifespan!


ALL Mastercraft tires come with a lifetime warranty, so no matter where you go or how long you use these tires for, you have a set of wheels that will last for years to come.

Mastercraft Tires Reviews

How to Choose the Best Mastercraft Tires

You know that Mastercraft tires are the best choice, but how can you choose the best for YOUR car? It will take a bit of research, but it's a fairly easy task! Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best Mastercraft tires:

Tire Codes

First, you'll need to understand the "code" of a car tire, which shows the type, size, and overall construction of the tires itself. Here is an example: 35/125R20 121Q

  • 35 is the width of the tire (in millimeters)
  • 125 is the aspect ratio of the sidewall
  • ​R stands for radial construction
  • ​20 stands for the diameter of the tire's rim (in inches)
  • ​121 is the tire's load rating
  • Q is the tire's speed rating, which is typically up to 100 MPH or 160 KM/H.


You will want to make sure that your tires are perfectly suitable for your vehicle. Your mechanic can measure the tire size for you, or you can refer to the vehicle manual. Take account the type of vehicle you own and what you will use it for.

If you are only using it for leisure, a passenger-car tire is recommended. If your vehicle will always have heavy cargo, go for a light-truck tire.

Tire Type

I recommend you to choose a three-season tire, which will withstand almost any tough weather condition. It's best to replace or purchase new tires during the fall, so it is ready for winter!

How to Use Mastercraft Tires

Once you own a quality set of Mastercraft tires, you are assured wheels for life. But of course, it's best to maintain them properly to avoid any hassle having them replaced! Here are some tips to make sure you maintain the wheels for better use:


Do NOT run over curbs or hit the tires against anything while driving. While they are durable, they won't past for long if you keep pushing it over its limits.


Avoid potholes or road obstructions for less chances of damage. Your tires will last longer that way.


Avoid burning the tires out by following the proper speed limits and avoiding very fast starts, stops, or sharp curves.


When inflating your tires, make sure that they are at the right inflation pressure for better performance. Check the recommended air pressure needed for it and have it checked daily in your home, gas stations, or by your local mechanic.


5. Always keep a spare and well-inflated Mastercraft tire in your car for the just-in-cases. If you are storing tires in your garage or car, make sure it is within room temperature and where the area is clean and dry. Keep it away from petroleum based products or substances.

Top Five Best Mastercraft Tires

Based on our research, testing, and overall customer reputation, here are our top five picks on the best Mastercraft tires for your vehicle:

1. Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire - 35/125R20 121Q

Mastercraft Courser Tire


What makes the Mastercraft Courser MXT great is how they are quiet on the highway but will be able to withstand any form of terrain without the huge bumps or vibrations. It's balanced and wears well, making them a versatile set of tires ready for the three main seasons!

I would recommend this tire for light truck owners or off-roaders alike, as they have the proper amount of rubber to provide good (and extreme) traction. Even as it wears to about 80%, the tires still function well!


  • Quiet mud tires.
  • No need to rotate it for the next few thousand miles.
  • Offers wet traction for the hardest of rains.


  • They don't work well during the cold and slippery winter.

2. Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire - 295/70R17 121Q

Once I installed these on my SUV, I loved how it only wobbles just a little bit. I experienced no vibration or discomfort at all, even during rainy weather or on muddy terrain. On the road, it's very smooth and balanced.

Despite giving it almost 3,000 miles of heavy driving, these tires do not wear as much as you would expect. It has great grip on rocky trails and is best for those who want to go off-road. And at its very affordable price, you get more than what you pay for!


  • Raised side wall design offers BETTER protection and traction.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Aggressive-looking design.


  • Wheel needs to be bought separately.
  • Tires have no mark to line up with valve stem.

3. Mastercraft Courser AXT Radial Tire - 265/70R17 115T

Mastercraft Courser AXT Radial Tire


These are made for the most aggressive of terrains! Upon receiving these tires, I was amazed at its design and how it looks made for the of-roads. With its wide grieves and buttress design, I knew I would be able to enjoy my drives no matter how long or intense.

It's best for ANY season and wears well. It doesn't create a lot of noise as you drive, and there is no vibration or bounce either. Whether it's rain, snow, or summer, the tires can handle it with style.


  • Versatile tires fit for any weather or terrain.
  • Durable and will last for thousands of miles still with great tread percentage.
  • Quiet.


  • Won't fit some trucks.

4. Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire - 265/75R16 123Q

The dark and aggressive design of the Courser MXT matches its excellent performance. They handle well in ANY type of terrain or weather, may it be snow or rain, mud or pavement. It offers a better grip and is quiet when on the road. While I can say it's a bit sluggish, it's bearable and will still give the smooth ride you want.

I would estimate these tires to last for a whopping 50,000 miles, even more, depending on how you use it!


  • Works well in both snow or mud.
  • Affordable price for versatility and strength.
  • Great design.
  • Good wear and traction.


  • Experience a bit of vibration.
  • Wheel needs to be bought separately.

5. Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire - 305/70R18 126Q

A perk about these radial tires is how it only gives out a small hum and slight vibrations as you use it around any terrain. There are no issues when driving it around pavement, mud, rain or snow! Even if you run over bolts and whatnot, the rubber of the tires is strong enough to withstand them, avoiding any holes and leaks.

I would recommend this tire for any off-roader who wants an all-season set of tires without the hefty price tag.


  • Smooth and quiet ride.
  • Durable and won't wear down quickly.
  • Minor wear despite thousands of miles driven.
  • Rugged design.


  • Needs to be broken in.
  • Wheel bought separately.
  • Size runs larger than expected.

In Conclusion

Mastercraft tires will help you achieve the best with your car, with the winner being the Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire. It's fit for the adventurous souls and for those who LOVE going all out. With its well-constructed design that makes it perfect for the most extreme and aggressive of terrain, it's perfect for truck owners whether they're on the highway or out of the pavement!

Hopefully, this article on the best Mastercraft tires helped you become more knowledgeable on what you need for your car's tires. So what are you waiting for? Invest in the best Mastercraft tires today and start driving your car around all types of terrain without worry!

We hope you enjoyed the article! If you have any more tips or reviews on the best Mastercraft tires, then do comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to think.

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